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Appreciating Our Teachers

Elementary teacher writing arithmetic on blackboard, rear view

In many countries, including Armenia, Canada, Germany and Russia, October 5 is designated as “teacher appreciation day”. How can we best appreciate our teachers? Bringing them flowers or some other gift on October 5 is a good start. Giving them “teacher’s day” financial…


Taking Charge of Our Emotions is not Unlike Handling our Children

children as public annoyance

Those of us who have the pleasure and challenge of raising young children are often vigilant about supervising them, especially when they accompany us on visits or shopping trips. We feel responsible for their behavior and actions, whether they are on the street,…


Mirroring Children


As I watch the behavior of Chris and Alicia, our four year old twins, I have a sense of déjà vu. In many ways they exhibit younger versions of adult traits. In a sense, they mirror us. Here are a few examples. Jealousy…


Jeopardizing your job


Finding and keeping a job is much harder nowadays than it used to be a couple of decades ago. There is fierce competition for fewer positions.  Yet, we often take our jobs for granted and let our guards down. If we are not…


Leadership: delight in the performance of talented people

For centuries, people have been writing about and discussing leadership. One of my favorite quotes on the topic comes from world-famous management consultant and author Stephan Covey. He says, “If you can hire a person whose passion intersects with the job, they won’t…


Succeeding on the Job։ Finding Job Security in the Entrepreneurial Mindset

I have bad news, although the good news will soon follow. The good old days of job security are gone. In the past, an employee would be hired by a company and work for it for the duration of his or her career…


Earning Trust While Erring


Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships. Stephen Covey   Erring on the job or failing at an assignment is natural and expected. He who does not err…


Protecting our children

Since 1950, on June 1, many countries around the world, including Armenia, have been observing the “International Day for the Protection of Children”. On September 9, 1995, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children (CRC) went into effect. 192 countries, including Armenia,…


The Key

We all want to be loved, respected, and successful both in our personal lives and careers. When asked about their dreams, most young people want a happy life, a good family, and a fulfilling career that provides them with enough income to live…