“Adversity is the first path to truth”
 Lord Byron


Christina Simonyan

There are times in our lives when we fail or lose because of circumstances and our own mistakes. Many of us “lose” valuable relationships, possessions, good name, job, or health in different seasons of life.

We often recall all that, and it hurts us. Many of us do not like to talk about our failures, we feel regret and escape from these memories. We become very vulnerable when people try to crack our wounds. Some of us, on the contrary, like to constantly talk about these wounds in bitterness, identify themselves with those losses, putting on them all the responsibility for their present problems.

I am convinced that in times of painful reflection, at least once in our life, there was a great desire to have a time machine and bring back the past. We reiterated the “correct” words in our minds or imagined the behavior we would have shown if we had the opportunity to return to that situation. Unfortunately, you can’t bring the past back.

Nevertheless, I want to ask this question to you and me.

– Would you like to bring back the time and restore the lost?

– Yes (my sincere answer).

If you continue reading, there is another question I want to ask you and me.

But before you reach the question, let me also refer to the “to the other side of the coin”.

While I was trying to write something that you read now, I encountered an interesting “geological” fact. “Diamond is nothing more than a piece of coal that has just been able to successfully endure the fire and the pressure of the earth crust.” Diamond or the former coal has a serious lesson to teach us. Let’s not allow the fire of failure or loss to fill us with pessimism and bitterness. Let’s allow it to purify us.

No matter what kind of failures we face or what we lose, what’s more valuable is always hidden in them. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to find or see it. But we can disclose that hidden treasure if we really make up our minds.

Many seek out the hidden treasures behind the loss and find endurance, wisdom, maturity, patience, humility and a power to create something new, the ability to empathize those who pass through the same problem, forgiveness, and many other invaluable traits along the way. All this happens when people take responsibility for their own actions in any situation, instead of blaming others, they learn from their mistakes, instead of self-condemnation, and try to look for new solutions, looking ahead. For example, if someone is fired for a serious mistake, instead of blaming his supervisor and coworkers for depriving him of his job and not standing by him, he may decide to take responsibility for his own actions, to learn from his mistake instead of self-condemnation and to look for new job opportunities instead of desperation.

Now I will ask the promised question directed to you and me.

Christina Simonyan– Would you like to bring back the time and return the lost, again becoming the person who had it all?

-No (my sincere answer).

I have exchanged my “losses” with such timeless values that are far more expensive than anything I lost.

Christina Simonyan
Life Coach

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