Flowers2Dear ladies of Armenia.

Today is March 8. It is the international Women’s Day. Women all over the world, including Armenia, are honored with nice words of praise and flowers. Husband, brothers, sons, and daughters look for ways of honoring their mothers, sisters, and wives. In Armenia, as in many other countries, March 8 is a holiday. So we all enjoy this special holiday.

We certainly can and must honor the women in our lives. AMAA Armenia employs many women. Actually most of our employees are women. I greatly appreciate their contribution to the services that we provide to children and the vulnerable. Women have skills that few men demonstrate. Their love for children and compassion for the needy is most compelling. I find women to be hardworking and dedicated to their callings. Women demonstrate these qualities very early on in life. Young girls are most mature, responsible, reliable and hardworking. I want to personally thank the women who work for the AMAA in Armenia and Artsakh.
I also want to challenge my fellow men. It is great to bring flowers and say nice things to women on March 8. Yet, I consider these to be too little. We must demonstrate our love for and admiration of women all throughout the year. Furthermore, we must love and respect women not only with words and flowers, but by deeds that realize their full potential and make women feel appreciated.

Harout NercessianLet us not forget the fact that women raise and educate our children. It is in the best interest of humanity if we educate, train, encourage, support, promote, uplift and empower women to use their talents and lead for the betterment of humanity. We will all be much better for it.


Harout Nercessian
AMAA Armenia Representative

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